Stewart School Dedication

Although it has been quite some time since I have posted on this blog, I have not been idle.  Among other things, I have moved, started a new job, defended my dissertation, and graduated!  Over the Fourth of July weekend, I also had the honor of participating in the dedication ceremony for Stewart School, the subject of this post.


I have written elsewhere (here and here) about Stewart School, a project of Stow Historical Society.  SHS raised the funds to move the building to Heritage Reserve Park at Silver Springs Park in Stow, Ohio and to restore it.  I wrote a Ohio Humanities grant for the production of interpretive panels and spearheaded their creation.  These panels tell the story of Stewart School specifically and nineteenth-century one-room schools more broadly.


The schoolhouse dedication ceremony took place July 2, 2017, five and a half years after the first phone call to see if Stow Historical Society wanted the schoolhouse.  I was honored to be asked to participate as a speaker during the festivities.  Fortunately, the weather was beautiful, if very sunny, and we gathered in front of the schoolhouse for a brief ceremony to celebrate the work of Stow Historical Society and countless donors and volunteers, whose efforts made the restoration possible.  Inside the schoolhouse, I enjoyed seeing a finished interior (it had not been finished at all the last time I saw it), and it was especially gratifying to see the interpretive panels on which I had worked permanently mounted on the walls.  It was also wonderful to see many people taking the time to read them!


Final Installation of Stewart School Interpretive Panels



Stewart School Teacher’s Platform


Examples of Student Desks

The restoration and interpretation of Stewart School is not completely finished (is it ever, for any historic building?), but now it is ready to be opened to the public for their enjoyment and edification.  I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of this community history project!


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